Wednesday night, April 16th, 2014 Maiyanna passed away. The princess fought a truly courageous fight, a fight in which Maiyanna showed everyone around her the true meaning of strength and love. She was with family in her own princess castle when she ended her journey. This was a long and hard journey that Maiy's mother, Mycah was by her side from the beginning to the end. With her every step of the way throughout her Mycah provided Maiy strength, support and love. Maiyann's battle has deeply effected everyone's life who she came across. The foundation will carry on awareness efforts and honor Maiy's memory in every way possible. Maiyanna's family truly appreciates everyones thoughts and prayers.
On May 19th, 2013 Maiyanna complained of not being able to see. Her loving mother immediately took her to the hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. Maiyanna was soon diagnosed with DIPG, a very rare and aggressive form of brain cancer. Maiy soon after began radiation treatments May 31st, 2013 in the fight to save her life.

This site was created with the goal to get Maiy's story out, increase awareness of childhood cancer and increase funding and support for DIPG.

Support Items

Anyone who donates any amount will receive a support band if they wish! These bands say Maiy's Miracle on one side and FIGHT DIPG on the other.

The colors were chosen because Maiyanna's favorite color is Purple. The writing is gray which is the support color for brain cancer.

We also have T-shirts available for a $20 Donation. If you would like one please email

The family will also be updating regularly with information on the Facebook page. Please click the picture to the right and Maiy's page.

If you would like to help support this fight please click on the link to the right. Any and everything is greatly appreciated. Please continue to Help. Learn. Pray. Fight. Support.

You can also mail donations to:
Maiy's Miracle
PO Box 97744
Pittsburgh, PA 15227